Stay busy at home

Dear handcrafters,

During these troubled times we share feelings with you all and want to encourage to stay busy at home - do not dive into blue mood or something alike.

We do believe you already have your routines in place and keeping yourselves busy especially when sunshine is out there and you have at least some sort of backyard. But what to do for those who don't have such luxury? Home is probably already cleaned up 4 times, all beans counted and stock is shuffled to fit the visual purpose for each individually.

It is great time to improve our education skills aka read everything we have at home, improvisation and innovation skills - play some games, build games, do some indoor exercises and, of course, - knit!

Between all those activities mentioned above can always have a nice and relaxing time with needles and do some quality time with our quality yarns. We ourselves staying busy not only keeping in sync our physical products and online offers but as well having a relaxing time with projects.

For inspiration here is the scarf recently finished with Lana Gatto Luxury Feeling:

We are very happy with the outcome and the yarn itself was very pleasing to work with.

You might say why scarf? Now? Well, we have multiple projects going on and this one was just closer to finish line.

There are more yarns we offer for your ideas to become reality. Head to our shop and we hope you will come back for more and more. And more and more.. More yarns are coming.

Yours sincerely,

Thread Of Fashion by DonaLora

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