Pleasant Surprise From Lana Gatto "Baby Soft" Yarns

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Lana Gatto:

Aloe Vera is a succulent similar at first sight to a cactus, with multipurpose therapeutic properties known and used since antiquity as a natural remedy in the field of medicine and cosmetics. The origins of Aloe Vera are in Sudan; now you can find it in many other places around the world. The extract of its leaves has more than 200 components useful to human health and skin conditions thanks to its dermo-protective moisturising and emollient properties. On the skin it gives a pleasant feeling of softness and freshness.
Used in the natural yarns, like merino wool, Aloe Vera enhances comfort and softness and with its antimicrobial characteristics and natural hydrating properties it is good for dry skin. Being a 100% non-toxic and natural processing, Lana Gatto has been using it in the new "Baby Soft" yarn, particularly suitable for new-born and children to give them the best comfort.

We are processing our shipment but in the meantime, if you already want this - feel free to get into contact or by visiting our FaceBook page and texting there or browse our yarn shop

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