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Lana Gatto Vip is one of my favorite yarns. Rarely you can find it in online stores in USA, and if you do it’s way overpriced. This shop shipped the next day and I received it within a week. I am thankful to the shop owner for such quick delivery even though I did not expect it due to world wide quarantine. I will be back for more. Thanks!

Handmade by Vita

I would like to say big thank you for amazing yarns.
It’s the best shop.
Fast delivery. Good value for money :)


Thread of Fashion is a family run business making its first steps from being just a hobby. The foundation is quite simple, since the arrival of a newborn the need to create something original just for him has become imperative. The task of finding good quality yarns seemed extremely hard to achieve. After trying a lot of different companies and various yarns (starting from acrylic to silk) we have finally found what works best.


Price and quality are our main objectives. It is wasteful to create something of poor quality, thus in this shop we have selected products that withstood the tests and stood out from the rest. Afterall, handmade products have been and will always be fashionable for decades to come. This is where quality needs to endure generations to come.


We hope that you will be as satisfied with the quality as we have been.


In the near future we hope to not only provide yarns for your ideas and creations but also to sell our own high quality products.

We wish you happiness and productive as well as enjoyable knitting! :)